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As editor, Morice Mendoza was always delighted to work with talented writers, designers and illustrators. And the individuals who were interviewed in the pages of HR Magazine, RSA Journal and World Business. Here we list some of them. We will continue to credit those who work with us and help us deliver for our clients.


Antoine van Agtmael, emerging markets investor and author; Michael Backman, author, consultant and columnist on Asia; Matthew Bishop, business writer; Frank Brown, Dean, INSEAD; Simon Caulkin, management writer; Clive Crook, business writer; James Curtis, business editor and writer; Conor Dignam, business writer; Richard Donkin, business author and writer; Professor Yves Doz, INSEAD; Professor Soumitra Dutta, INSEAD; Larry Elliott, Economics Editor, The Guardian; Bill Emmott, former Editor, The Economist; Niall Ferguson, history professor, author, and columnist; David Flusfeder, novelist; Janet Gaymer, Senior Partner, Simmons & Simmons; Jonathan Glancey, Architectural Correspondent, The Guardian; Matthew Gwyther, Management Today; Professor Lisa Jardine, University of London; Nicholas Jones, author; Tony Juniper, former Director, Friends of the Earth; John Kay, economist; Professor Manfred Kets de Vries, INSEAD; Professor JC Larreche, INSEAD; Charles Leadbeater, business thinker and author; Adam Leyland, business writer; Alison Maitland, business journalist and author; Laura Mazur, business writer; John Monks, former General Secretary, TUC; Peter Oborne, political journalist; Sam Palmisano, Chairman, President and CEO, IBM; Professor Gordon Redding, INSEAD; Phil Redmond, Mersey TV; Richard Reeves, author and Director, Demos; Rhymer Rigby, business writer; Andrew Roberts, historian; Andy Saunders, Management Today; Jane Simms, business writer; Stefan Stern, management writer; Colin Tudge, science writer; Ellis Watson, former MD, Celador Productions; Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO, 20-first; David Ulrich, business author and consultant.