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"At Redwood Morice Mendoza edited the RSA magazine, successfully steering a difficult course between producing an intelligent and creative magazine which delighted the readers while meeting the challenging communication requirements of our clients at the RSA."

Christopher Ward, Chairman, Redwood

Redwood Publishing RSA Journal

Redwood Publishing

In 2002, Morice Mendoza took on the task of editing the RSA Journal (the first time it had been contracted out by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce since 1852). With the designer Wayne Ford, he created the first issue celebrating the 150th birthday of the RSA Journal itself, which included an interview with David Bailey and the Pearson CEO Dame Marjorie Scardino (for this interview by Stefan Stern, the title picked up the Workworld Media Scoop of the Year Award in 2003, probably the first time a contract magazine had attracted such a plaudit). The stock in trade of the Journal under Moriceís editorship was the highest quality of writing and design, drawing on great writers and some of the best artists, photographers, and illustrators in the world. The RSA Journal won the BSME Editor of the Year (2003).