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As editor, Morice Mendoza was always delighted to work with talented writers, designers and illustrators. And the individuals who were interviewed in the pages of HR Magazine, RSA Journal and World Business. Here we list some of them. We will continue to credit those who work with us and help us deliver for our clients.


Jason Bell; Charlie Best; Harry Borden; Marc Burden;  Ed Clark; Chris Coekin;  Matt Cooke; Neil Cooper; Gautier Deblonde; Liz de Planta; Carolyn Djanogly; Julian Dodd; Neil Drabble; Mark Guthrie; Christopher Jones; Friso Keuris; Barry Lewis; Zac Macaulay; Jens Marrott; Eamonn McCabe; Sanders Nicolson; Mike O’Dwyer; Eolo Perfido; Rankin; Dieter Röseler; David Salisbury; Red Saunders; Mike Stone; Parisa Taghizadeh; Paul Tozer; Grant Warren; Ken Weingart; Robert Wilson; Jonathan Worth.