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As editor, Morice Mendoza was always delighted to work with talented writers, designers and illustrators. And the individuals who were interviewed in the pages of HR Magazine, RSA Journal and World Business. Here we list some of them. We will continue to credit those who work with us and help us deliver for our clients.


Alan Adler; Richard Allen; Julian Anderson; Kenneth Anderssen; Jason Bennion; Irfana Biviji; John Bradley; Mick Brownfield; Paul Cox; Paul Davis; Philip Disley; David Eastbury; Jason Ford; Brian Grimwood; Peter Grundy; Steven Guarnaccia; Martin Haake; Phil Hankinson; Tony Healy; Matt Herring; Frazer Hudson; Adrian Johnson; Andrew Kingham; Andrzej Krauze; Roger Law; Italo Lupi; Daniel Mackie; John McConnell; Shane McGowan; Toby Morrison; Matt Pattinson; Ingram Pinn; Lulu Pinney;  Ian Pollock; Chris Riddell; Bob Rives; Lucinda Rodgers; Wllie Ryan; Brett Ryder; Max Schindler; Robert Shadbolt; Lucie Sheridan; Simon Spilsbury; Simon Stern; Philip Thompson; Jimmy Turrell; George Underwood; Nick Veasey; Russell Weekes; Jonathan Wolstenholme; Lee Wright; Lawrence Zeegen.